Par-Tek Construction Services

2822 Andorra Circle

Karl and Erin hired Par-Tek to design and build a second story addition to their home, with renovations to the main floor, existing second floor and wrap the entire home in stucco and trim, creating an entirely fresh appearance and increasing market value substantially.

When they hired us in March, the good news was that the budget was enough to get the job done and the clients were great to work with. The bad news was that almost the entire project was to be completed during the two and a half month summer school break. A challenging schedule for a $200K project, to be certain.

Planning began in earnest immediately. We looked at pre-built modular suppliers, but it was st2005 and this section of the industry was still in its infancy, and there was no tolerance for risk or error. We decided to pre-build the wall section ourselves onsite and stack them in the front yard, on top of the Kent trusses which would be craned on last.

Yes, craned.

The plan was to have as much of the carpentry completed in advance and have the wall sections lifted in to place by the crane same day as the roof was lifted off. (See small video here) James and his framing crew was very helpful and dedicated throughout the entire rough carpentry scope. Much of our success was due to their efforts, especially working in the 40 degree heat wave . After much preparation (including a new beam structure in the existing roof to support the lift straps) the series of lifts went very well. The first day saw the roof come off, all of the outside walls lifted into place and some of the roof trusses installed. The second day saw the trusses complete, the roof sheathing lifted onto the new roof and the interior walls as well. We were done with the crane now. Most of the sheathing was installed the second day. The third day started early with the roofer installing new shingles on the old roof while the crew finished the sheathing. The roofer moved over onto the new roof and finished the next day. We were water tight within four days!

The work to follow was done at a brisk, but more reasonable rate. The master bathroom design worked out very well as did the massive master built in closets. As did the new flooring, reinstalling the existing kitchen (with a new island to match existing), basement improvements to common areas, laundry room and powder room.

Some minor work went into the fall but we were substantially complete before the kids and Erin returned from summer break.

We learned a great deal on this project. It was a very satisfying achievement. Thanks again to James, our framer.